Friday, June 28, 2024

Olivia Daly-Short Was a Great Substitute

Ordinarily when you see any entertainment production, whether sporting event, play, musical or whatever, you want to see the stars. It's a disappointment when a star misses and a substitute take that spot. It's no offense to the person who fills in (at least the event still happens), but the stars are who we want to see.
When we went to see Grease at the Skokie Theatre last week, the first announcement was the part of Sandy (one of the main characters) was being played by her understudy. This was Opening Night and one of the main stars was missing.
Things happen though. Performers are people and life sometimes gets in the way.
Of course, being local musical theater, I really didn't know any of the performers. I wouldn't know what I was even missing.
Then, when Olivia Daly-Short took the stage and belted out "Summer Lovin'" with co-star Seth Riley (featured here yesterday), none of that mattered. Olivia owned the stage. She was amazing.
Actually, the entire ensemble cast was great. This might have been the best production I have seen at Skokie Theatre and I have seen many.
After the show, we waited for performers to come out. Olivia was tops on my list to meet. She was as pleasant off stage as she was great on stage. She really seemed touched that we wanted a picture with her.
A few friends are trying to talk me into going again. That's an interesting idea. How would the "real" Sandy compare to Olivia's Sandy? Either way I can't lose though.
Olivia Daly-Short, Jodie and me in Skokie, IL-June 2024.

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Jean Parker said...

Sounds like a great musical!