Monday, July 1, 2024

Friend Encounters: Bob Hope and Chris

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

The legend of my east coast pal Chris grows with each social media post he makes. He needs to write a book.

What I know is he is a former pro wrestling referee living somewhere in Connecticut, although he is originally from Morristown, Pennsylvania. He appeared on The Mike Douglas Show (an old television talk show) at least once, and probably a few times. He has rubbed shoulders with all sorts of celebrities.

He was also close friends with the late Dana Plato, of tv's Diff'rent Strokes. He could probably write a book about her if he wanted.

Unfortunately, as much as I push, a book doesn't appear to be happening. Still, I keep trying.

One of the celebs he has met several times was the late Bob Hope. The details of the picture below are murky, because Chris doesn't tel much, despite the amount of pictures he posts. Yet, there he is, standing alongside an entertainment legend.

Meanwhile, the legend of Chris (aka Evil Zebra) continues to grow. So does the mystery.

Bob Hope and Chris somewhere-Sometime.

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