Thursday, July 4, 2024

Haley Reinhart Again

Everyone knows I am not a big concert goer. With minimal effort, I can probably name every concert I have ever attended.

For a long time, Billy Joel concerts were the only ones I definitely wanted to see. In recent years though, Haley Reinhart has joined Billy in that exclusive club.

Ever since seeing her on American Idol in 2011, I was hooked. A local gal, Haley's styling really impressed me. Her heart lies in the music of the 1960s and '70s, but she also writes and sings more modern tunes. Of course, I am biased, but she sings them all beautifully.

I have seen Haley eight times now, most recently Monday at Chicago's Lincoln Hall. That was the third time I have seen her there. Having interviewed Haley for Global Traveler and meeting her several times, she is now familiar enough with me to recognize me. 

Chicago shows are always special for Haley. As she said in our interview, she never strays too far from here. She also never strays too far from her family. Sister Angie's band The Alright Maybes, opened for Haley. Papa Harry joined Haley on stage for a couple songs. Mom was also there as were a bunch of her family members and close friends. of course, there also was her loyal group of #Haliens, including me. It's almost like a big family party.

If you aren't familiar with Haley's music or for more info, go to She is as talented as she is sweet. My friends joke she must be special to get meto go to a concert, especially multiple times. My friends are right. Haley is special.

Haley Reinhart and me in Chicago, IL-July 2024.

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