Saturday, November 26, 2022

Mascot Week: St. John's Johnny Thunderbird

Mascot Week celebrates the lovable costumed creatures.

St. John's University has an interesting mascot history. According to the story, a group of students stole the original Redman mascot from the front of a cigar store. After Chief Blackjack first appeared and St. John's won 22-0, the mascot became official. The students later returned to the store to pay for the mascot.
In 1994, St. John's changed their name from Redmen to Red Storm. A fan vote in 2009 picked the Thunderbird to become the new mascot. Another fan vote resulted in Johnny being the Thunderbird's name. Johnny is a throwback to the Johnnies, the team's original name.
The picture below shows Johngy and Johnny. We're even color coordinated.
Go to for more info on the Red Storm or the Johnnies (whichever you prefer). Also, check back here for recurring fun with mascots, especially Mascot Week.
Johnny Thunderbird and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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