Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Mascot Week: Blue Blob of Xavier

This is Mascot Week. All week I am featuring some fun mascot encounters.

Xavier's Blue Blob is one of the most interesting mascots. Originally created in 1985 as a kid-friendly alternative to D'Artagnan, the Blue Blob has been a source of fun and conversation ever since.
What is the Blue Blob? That's debatable and people have been debating it for 35 years. What is not up for question is that it is good for business. If you Google "weird mascot" or "odd mascot," the Blue Blob will definitely appear in the search results. I'd call that a success.
Also, with the Blue Blob and D'Artagnan, Xavier has two cool mascots and two mascots are always better than one!
I met the Blue Blob when the DePaul Blue Demons women's basketball team faced Xavier in the Big East Conference championship tourney. DePaul won, but so did I, because I met a lot of fun mascots.
Xavier Blue Blob and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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