Friday, March 26, 2021

Natali Sanders at C2E2 2020

At C2E2 2020, I came across artist and author Natali "no e" Sanders. The "no e" part is direct from Sanders.
As she explains it, she was named after actress Natalie Wood. To give her name a unique touch, other than the meaning of "Christmas child," the "e" was dropped. It seems appropriate, since Sanders is completely unique.
Her first love was art and she started working for a comic companies as a cover artist. She soon developed an interest in writing as well and began work on a novel.
Sanders describes her art focus as fantasy, beauty and magic. She creates art with oil paint, Prismacolor pencils, acrylic paint, airbrush, watercolor and mixed mediums. As for her creative process, Sanders awesomely states, “If it doesn’t get all over, you’re not having fun.” I just love that quote.
Although a serious artist and writer, Sanders retains a child-like imagination and fascination. She describes the creating process as a passionate force, but also one that needs the viewer. She loves what she does and she appreciates her fans.
I have often said it takes a lot to really stand out in Artist Alley at any comic con. There are literally hundreds of creators promoting their art, books and other handiwork. Sanders caught my eye with her beautiful paintings. One of my favorites is Death Metal #1 Wonder Woman, but it's not the only one I loved. Some of her work is soft and flowing, while others are colorful and dynamic. As explained above, she uses many mediums to create many styles. As different as some are, they all sharethe same beauty.

Copyright Natali Sanders
C2E2 2021 was postponed to December because of the pandemic. I hope by then, things are back to normal. I would love to have the chance to talk more to Sanders about her work and maybe even that missing "e."
Go to for more info on Sanders. Also, check to get updates on C2E2 2021, which hopefully will return later this year.
Natali Sanders and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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