Saturday, March 18, 2023

Frank the Clown at C2E2 2020

Frank the Clown has accomplished a lot in wrestling and he has earned it. He gets his share of jeers, but I give him his due credit.
Being the significant other of Noelle Foley (Mick's daughter) is enough to get the negative folks on his back. Getting into pro wrestling is more fodder.
One needs to look deeper at Frank. On the Chicago scene, Frank has been aligned with "The Ego" Robert Anthony, a legend her for two decades. If he's cool with Ego, that's enough for me. Ego is no nonsense. If Frank is accepted by Ego, he has to be okay.
Furthermore, I have seen Frank take a lot of big bumps in the ring. He isn't just flash around the ring. H gets involved and is paying his dues.
Frank also promotes well. He was one of a very few indy wrestlers I have seen at comic cons. When I saw him at C2E2 2020, we had a good time catching up about our brief time working together at Resistance Pro Wrestling in Chicago. He even gave me one of his wigs for a clowning around picture.
I think Frank has won over lots of fans over the years. The few remaining naysayers just need to put aside their gripe and enjoy his antics.
Go to for more info and updates. Also, check out Frank the Clown on social media for a lot of fun in and out of the wrestling ring.
Frank the Clown and me in Chicago, IL-March 2020.

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