Thursday, January 27, 2022

Chicago Auto Show Mitch Trubisky

The Chicago Auto Show returns to its usual winter time slot, running February 12-20 at McCormick Place. Today's feature represents a better time. It represents time good times and a hope for the future. 
Mitch Trubisky had finished his first season with the Chicago Bears. While he struggled at times and the Bears played poorly as a team, there was a feeling of optimism. Trubisky was the top draft pick for the Bears in 2017. A lot of the future rode on his shoulders.
Unfortunately, things never got better. In fact, things got worse for Trubisky, the Bears and the world (although that wasn't Trubisky's fault). After four mediocre seasons, the Bears parted ways with Trubisky and he signed with the Buffalo Bills, where he served as a backup for the 2021 season.
I don't lay all of the blame on him though. Coaching and play-calling has been horrendous at times. He never had enough offensive talent either. That combination isn't a good one. Even an elite QB would not make much of that mess. Trubisky showed signs of promise, but never enough and not consistently.
I look back at this picture and I remember telling him he had the potential to be the best QB I have seen for the Bears. Indeed this was a happier, more hopeful time.
Of course, even more catastrophic was the pandemic that hit in 2020. It caused a worldwide shutdown, including conventions. The CAS 2021 took place in a much scaled-down version, but at least it took place. It was still great to attend. Perhaps it was even one of the most fun ones, just because it actually happened despite the pandemic.
Next month CAS returns and I cannot wait. I'll be "On the Beat" as always. reporting back here and for
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Mitch Trubisky and me in Chicago, IL-February 2018.

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