Friday, January 20, 2023

There's Dana Adiva

A while back, Dana Adiva was regularly spotted on the Chicago wrestling scene. She still makes a random appearance, such as when I met her at Blizzard Brawl a few years ago.
In addition to her wrestling work, Dana could also be seen on MTV, as a Rosebud on WWE and elsewhere. Less active in the entertainment world, Dana is the mother of two little ones, but as beautiful as ever.
As much as Dana did in wrestling and after all the shows I attended, somehow I never had a picture with her. It took going to Blizzard Brawl in Waukesha to accomplish this.
I hope to see Dana again. She was always fun at wrestling shows. There are still plenty of Dana fans out there. She has a big heart and is missed on the wrestling scene.
Dana Adiva and me in Addison, IL-November 2019.

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