Saturday, December 2, 2023

Penny Riot and the Chicago Knockouts

Everyone who has attended any roller derby events with me has loved the action. Whether it's Chicago Style Roller Derby, the Windy City Rollers, the Chicago Knockouts or even the smaller leagues, it is always fun.
I started going to the CKO events a few years back. Then the pandemic hit and the world stopped. of course, when things re-opened and the Knockouts restarted, I was right back there. Since then, I have seen several events with different friends.
While it is stated it is legit competition, I have doubts it is completely such. There certainly are theatrics. There is also fantastic action. Is some of it planned (either during or before the event)? My best guess is there i a bit of scripting. How much is beyond me. 
Like wrestling before all the secrets were revealed, it is more fun this way. I like not quite knowing which way it is. It doesn't really matter anyway. I love the action. I appreciate the ladies. I will keep going back.
Back in my earlier days at CKO, Penny Riot was one of my favorites. As tough as could be on the track, she was all smiles after the action. 
Check out for more info. Also follow the Chicago Knockouts on Facebook for more frequent updates and other fun stuff.
Penny Riot and me in Summit, IL-February 2020.

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