Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Talking Travel with David Vox Mullen

I met comedian David Vox Mullen through Paul Myers while on our HeroTV show. Since then, I have seen him perform and interviewed him a few times. Our latest interview is up on Global Traveler.

Intending to be a rock star, Vox went to Nashville after high school. His band Slipstream had a decade or so of success, before he shifted to comedy. He's now conquering that field, too. Whether on his own, as a host or a tag team, Vox always delivers.

In our interview, Vox discusses his career, with a few thoughts on travel. As a former touring musician and current touring comedian, Vox has some interesting thoughts on traveling.

Look for the interview video and recap on Global Traveler at Talking Travel with David Vox Mullen. Also, look for Vox at a comedy club near you and all over social media. Lastly, please subscribe to the Global Traveler YouTube channel for all sorts of interesting travel content (and to help my job security LOL).

Monday, May 20, 2024

Friend Encounters: Jessica Roden, Rebecca J. Scott, Brittnie Brooks and Jay Repsel

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Today I feature Chicago-area promoter Jay and three lovely, fierce ladies who wrestle in Dreamwave. This was an easy one, as Jay was with the ladies for most of the weekend at Squared Circle Expo IV a couple months ago..
Based in LaSalle, Illinois, Dreamwave runs awesome shows. Earlier this year, they ran an all-women show, featuring Jessica Roden, Rebecca J. Scott and Brittnie Brooks, Dreamwave Women's champ. It sold out quickly, as did the next all-women's show in June. The Dreamwave booth was one of the most popular at Squared Circle Expo.
These women represent the best of women's wrestling. They are actually excellent in the ring. Forget everything else, if the women can't perform in the ring, I don't care how beautiful they are. The fact these women are gorgeous is an added benefit, but never the driving force for me to enjoy their wrestling.
As a fan of women's wrestling, I applaud this. These women do not rely on their looks. They work hard to be good in and out of the ring. That's a credit to them and Jay.
For more info on this great wrestling company, go to DreamwaveWrestling.com. Also, check SquaredCircleX.com for updates and schedules for their future conventions.
Jessica Roden, Rebecca J. Scott, Jay Repsel and Brittnie Brooks in Indianapolis, IN-March 2024.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Celebrity Jersey Cards #688 Doug Bruno & Mike Brey

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a weekly series in which I create virtual trading cards for celebrities wearing jerseys. Today, I start a season-long march alphabetically through all MLB teams.

Chicago native Doug Bruno is a living legend. After stints elsewhere, including the (now defunct) Chicago Hustle women's pro basketball team, Bruno took over the DePaul women's team in 1988. Since then, the Blue Demons have gone 438-184. I have had the pleasure of covering the team for several years and Bruno is a class act, always personally thanking all reporters for coverage. Bruno was saluted at Wrigley Field, tossing out a ceremonial pitch and earning a Celebrity Jersey Card.

Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Mike Brey has gone on to an excellent basketball coaching career. After a few stints elsewhere, he coached Notre Dame from 2000-23. Then je was named an assistant coach for the Atlanta Hawks. Brey threw out a first pitch at Wrigley Field to earn his Celebrity Jersey Card.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Cards That Never Were: Dave Cripe Topps 1979

Cards That Never Were is a recurring series in which I create virtual trading cards for players missed in various sets. It is a concept I borrowed from far too many to list, but I appreciate all of their efforts.

Although I usually post my creations, occasionally someone beats me to you. Not feeling the need to duplicate an effort, especially when the one I found is excellent, I showcase what I found. Today is such a case with a card already created vy Jeff in the Custom Baseball Cards group on Facebook. It is a fantastic group with thousands of virtual car creations and not just baseball as the title might suggest.

Dave Cripe was signed as an amateur free agent by the Kansas City Royals prior to the 1972. After Cripe spent seven seasons in the minors, Cripe was a September call-up by the Royals in 1978. He went 2-13 with a run scored. That would be it for his MLB career, although he did play two more seasons in the minors. Although a decent hitter, Cripe hit .300 in 1978, he was stuck behind Hall of Famer George Brett at third base.

Understandably, he did not appear on any Topps cards. Thanks to Jeff, he now has his rookie and career capper all in one.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Thank you, Good-bye and Good Luck Coach Tracie Adix-Zins

Even though I saw it coming, I am sad to see DePaul Softball Head Coach Tracie Adix-Zins was let go by DePaul. The announcement was made last week.

Coach Adix-Zins went 125-133 (.484) in six seasons at DePaul. The Blue Demons finished the 2023-24 season with a 9-38 record. Although those numbers aren't horrible, the trend was not good and the change was not a surprise.

Coach Adix-Zins was a class act, first as a player at DePaul and also for the Chicago Bandits, then as a coach. She had a few stints as assistant coach at other schools, before getting the DePaul position.

I really enjoyed Coach Aix-Zins during her stay at DePaul. She was always good for an interview or quote. She always had time for me when I needed something. Even during the rough last couple seasons, she never shied away from the press or fans. Unfortunately, the results just weren't there the last two seasons. That's the life of a coach. Still, I hate to see her go.

I am sure she will land elsewhere. I hope it is somewhere in the area. Either way, I will follow her career. I also wish her luck and thank her for her time and consideration over the years.

Tracie-Adix-Zins and me in Evanston, IL-April 2024.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Today is the birthday of my eldest niece Laura. Where have the years gone?

Laura has grown to be an amazing person. That's not a surprise, because she was always cool. She is just as comfortable debating life topics as she is exchanging silly memes. She is tough, beautiful, intelligent and hilarious. Plus she can do some fantastic accents.

I laugh now that she is seemingly a sportsball fan. Actually, while she enjoys the action, I think her real interest is the band or other such fun parts of the games. With the way Chicago teams are, that is probably the smartest way to be, although she needs to be careful about wearing the opponent's colors. LOL

Laura is the best and I hope she has the best birthday ever! I love you, Laura.

Laura and Dave in Lafayette, IN-November 2023.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Michael West at HorrorHound Weekend 2024

Looking at his smiling face, you wouldn't know Michael West is capable of producing incredibly frightening horror tales. Several stand-alone books, a few series and some short stories tell you just how talented he is.

I recently saw Michael at HorrorHound Weekend. I first met Michael many years ago at a different horror convention and have followed him ever since. Through interviews and just random chats I really grew to like him. Not only is he great at weaving a horrific story, he is just a very nice guy. He always makes time for me, even if he is attending the convention as a fan and not there to promote his work.

I have a few of his books on my shelves and am always interested in what new projects he has. His latest project is his first short fiction collection, Skull Full of Kisses, a book I will be adding to my collection soon.

Go to ByMichaelWest.com for more on Michael. Also, go to HorrorHoundWeekend.com for their con schedule.
Michael West and me in Cincinnati, OH-March 2024.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Thank you, Good-bye and Good Luck Angela Zedak

Outfielder Angela Zedak recently played her last regular season game for the Northwestern Wildcats softball team. It's been an amazing career and I got to see it firsthand.

Angela played 221 games in her five seasons, batting .272 with 36 HRs and 131 RBIs. She hit .314 over the last two seasons. On defense, she had an excellent .981 fielding percentage. Additionally, she played with a lot of spirit, passion an personality. She also had time for the fans, even old guys like me.

It really has been a pleasure watching Angela develop over the five seasons. While she came to NU as a talented player, she worked hard to keep improving her skills and it showed in her stats. A graph of her stats would show a steady incline during her time at NU.

She also was one of the most personable payers. I always saw a smile on her face. She loved playing and loved the game. That type of attitude makes it even more fun for fans.

A Chicago native and product of Marist High School, it seems likely Angela will stay around the area. Maybe I will see her at future games. Either way, I wish Angela good luck wherever her future takes her and I thank her for great memories at the J.

Angela Zedak and me in Evanston, IL-April 2024.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Friend Encounters; Barbara Crampton and Troy

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends meeting celebrities.

Barbara Crampton made her mark in horror movies and on daytime dramas. Her work in the horror field is what makes her in high demand at celebrity conventions. My friend Tony and i met her at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati a couple months agi. She was as nice as could be and had a long line of fans all weekend. I do believe Tony was her first fan though.

Also very popular at celebrity conventions is my pal Troy. Oh he might say he is simply a handler, one who helps the real celebrity at their booths, but I know better. Troy is in high demand wherever he goes.

While I have not been a handler, it is a great way to get into a convention and be around celebrities. Basically, you either sit at a celeb's booth or you are a general help, handling things all over as needed. Troy is a veteran at this and one of the best. He also is easy-going, fun and a great guy. I highly recommend him for any convention.

Go to HorrorHoundWeekend.com for more info and scheduling. As for Troy, look for him anywhere and everywhere.

Barbara Crampton and Troy in Cincinnati, OH-March 2024.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Celebrity Jersey Cards #687 Megan Besler & Johnny Gill

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a weekly series in which I create virtual trading cards for celebrities wearing jerseys. Today, I start a season-long march alphabetically through all MLB teams.

Singer, author, small business owner Megan Besler is not a trained singer. Still she has a goal of singing the National Anthem at every MLB ballpark. Last I saw, she had sung at several, but I cannot determine if she is still in pursuit of that goal. In any case, I would love to Zoom interview her about this. Megan, if you see this, leave a comment. Besler got her Celebrity Jersey Card when she sang the National Anthem for the St. Louis Cardinals, taking one stadium off her list.

Born in Washington, D.C. Johnny Gill has sold more than 15 million records as a solo artist. He also was with New Edition. He also has dabbled in acting. Gill also earned his Celebrity Jersey Card by singing the National Anthem for the Cards.