Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Rick Stelmaszek Saga:Part 12

This post could also be called 'Cards That Never Were', but I decided to stick with the 'Stelmaszek' theme. Besides, the CTNW title really belongs to Steve over at White Sox Cards.
Steve has a great White Sox blog and occasionally creates specific cards for players, who either needed a different card or missed being part of a certain set. Steve is also producing a cool bunch of cards called 'Birth Year Cards', an imaginative collection showcasing current White Sox players featured on cards from their birth year.
A few days ago, I asked Steve if he would produce a card of Rick Stelmaszek in a Cubs uniform from a picture I had. Stelmaszek did have a Cubs card, but that 1975 Topps card was one of their trademark airbrushes. I gave Steve 3 options (1974 Traded, 1975 Regular or even a 1976 Regular, though that would be a stretch).
Much to my surprise, I was catching up on stuff after a 3 day weekend in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, when I checked Steve's White Sox Cards site and saw 'Cards That Never Were #8', featuring Stelmaszek in a Cubs uni on a 1974 Traded card. How very cool.
Steve selected the '74T because he felt it made the most sense. I totally agree, but I wanted to give Steve options.
Steve's creation is very special for several reasons. First, it is now the only card of Stelmaszek legitimately in a Cubs uni. Ironically, his regular '74 card features him in an airbrushed Angels cap.
Second, most '74T featured a close headshot or even some airbrushing. Steve's creation shows a nice posed shot of Stelmaszek.
Finally, this brings to life my first autographed picture. I got this picture at an athletic banquet at my school in 1975. Now, Steve has breathed fresh life into it.
I really appreciate Steve's efforts. I know creating these cards is no small task and I am thankful for his effort. I also highly recommend his site, whether you are a White Sox fan or not.
A 1974 Topps Traded card of Rick Stelmaszek as created by Steve at White Sox Cards.


White Sox Cards said...

I'm very happy that I could create so much joy in one little act.

Johngy said...

Always grateful for your creations. Someday, the elusive Mike Squires circa 1975 will come my way.