Friday, July 17, 2009

Three Was Not Company for Priscilla Barnes

Last Friday, I highlighted Joyce DeWitt of tv's Three's Company. Today, I am presenting her former tv roommate, Priscilla Barnes.
Barnes is probably best known for 'replacing' suzanne Somers on the tv show. Barnes refers to her 3 years on the show as the worst 3 years of her life.
Still, Barnes makes the most of it by appearing on the autograph circuit often with any combination of her co-stars. At the 2009 Motor City Comic Con, Barnes appeared with Richard Kline and Joyce DeWitt.
I approached Barnes about doing a quick interview, but she turned down the request. She stated that the interview would take away time in which she could be making money signing autographs for her fans.
I can never get angry for being turned down. Nobody owes me anything. I do have to question why she would turn down the prestige of joining my interview club. Seriously though, I don't think the 2 minutes would have cost her any fans. Perhaps if she was so concerned with making money, she might have wanted to get to her table earlier.
I'm just busting her chops a bit. Maybe she was just being polite and giving me a professional reason, instead of just blowing me off.
Priscilla Barnes and me in Novi, MI_May 2009.

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LD said...

Well at least she was being honest -- she wanted the bucks. Maybe if you would have offered a $10 she would have done it. I don't remember any illustrious body of work before or after Three's Company. She was lucky to get the gig.