Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old Times at Comiskey Park

Tony LaRussa had a mediocre career as a player in the majors, including scoring the winning run in his one game with the Chicago Cubs in 1973. LaRussa managed in the White Sox system for parts of 2 seasons. In 1979, LaRussa took over as the White Sox manager.
I was already a fan of his (probably because he was a backup middle infielder, second only to backup catchers...see Stelmaszek posts), when he came to Chicago. I thought it was exciting that the Sox were getting some young, fresh blood for a manager.
Okay, I'll admit that I got a little annoyed at LaRussa for not playing Mike Squires enough. As most know, I was a huge fan of Squires and I wasn't happy when LaRussa played Tom Paciorek, Greg Walker or anyone else instead of Squires.
I even asked LaRussa about that (shades of my interviewing to come) during Photo Day in 1983. He answered the question carefully by stating they all had talent and he tried keeping everyone fresh and ready.
I love the picture below. It shows old Comiskey Park, the Sox ballpark before the Cell. I also like the photog seemingly taking a picture of me taking a picture of LaRussa. I can't think of what he possibly could have been shooting there, unless he was shooting us fans.
It's a very young LaRussa. Of course, I was a very young Johngy!

Tony LaRussa at Comiskey Park in Chicago, IL-Summer 1983.

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