Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Brad Ausmus Ball

Things went well on my first couple of trips to visit my sister and her family after they moved to Houston. I was having fun hanging with them and seeing this great city.
We went to a few Astros games there, always when the Cubs were in town. Scott and Matt were White Sox fans (thus Cubs haters), so they quickly became Astros fans.
Things went well for the Cubs in the beginning. Then came the moment which we all agree signified great changes and the Cubs have had troubles there ever since.
The Cubs were winning the game. They had men on and big hitters coming up. Well, the big hitters came up and then went down. Sammy Sosa made the last out of the inning woefully flailing at strike 3.
From our seats behind the Astros dugout, Scott and Matt stood up and cheered wildly. Brad Ausmus jogged in heading for the dugout. He looked up and flipped the ball directly to Scott, who one-handed it.
The next inning, the Astros came roaring back, thanks to some shoddy defense by Moises Alou and some even shoddier pitching by a few of the Cubs relievers. The Astros went on to win that game and many more that I attended since.
I love Brad Ausmus, but I have to blame him for this change in destiny. Why did he have to throw that ball to Scott? I know Scott has that ball prominently on display and takes great pride in the belief that he was part of reversing the fortunes of the Astros and the Cubs!
Scott Parker holding the ball that changed history in Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX-early 00's.


White Sox Cards said...

I'm only a Cub hater when they play the White Sox. Then there's something at stake for the Sox. I actually enjoy watching Cubs games. It's how I keep up with the other league. :)

Johngy said...

More fans should think like you. With the lack of success overall in sports in Chicago over the last 100 years, any fan should be happy about any success from any Chicago team.