Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On the Beat with Razor Shines

Isn't Razor Shines one of the greatest names ever? Of course Razor isn't his real first name. That would be Anthony. Razor is actually his middle name. Really. How cool is that?
We had the chance to interview Shines in Houston. Shines brought up Montreal as one of his favorite cities. Even though he played his entire four year major league career there, it was still cool to hear someone name Montreal. It made me nostalgic for those old Expos hats with the odd red, while and blue logo.
Then we asked Shines about his time as a coach in Chicago. Shines lit up and said great things about Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.
By all accounts, Shines is said to be a pretty fun and happy guy. By my short interview with him, I cannot disagree. However, tomorrow's video is a better example of his fun-loving nature.

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