Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the Beat with Rick Stelmaszek

As discussed many times before, I have known Minnesota Twins coach Rick Stelmaszek since his wife was my 3rd grade teacher. I have talked to him on many occasions, but earlier this summer, we officially interviewed him for the first time.
We asked Rick about the new stadium. Rick has praise for the new stadium. Of course, he liked it much better than the old Dome.
Then we asked him about being third on the all-time list of tenured coaches with one team. I thought he was behind Nick Altrock and Manny Mota. Rick's answer is pretty funny. I think it's cool that he knows where he ranks and talks about it a bit. He isn't bragging, just stating facts.
It was a bit surreal interviewing Rick in the Twins dugout, considering our history. Thirty some years ago, I was just hoping to get his card in the pack I bought at the corner store.

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