Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the Beat with Jerry Manuel

Jerry Manuel played brief parts of 5 seasons in the major leagues. He hit .150 in 127 career at bats. If he had been a catcher, I probably would have really liked him.
Manuel has received a lot of criticism during his 9 years of managing (6 with the White Sox and 3 with the New York Mets). Even as I write this, it is uncertain if he will return as manager for the Mets. Chalk up this interview as another timely one. I might not have had another chance to speak with Manuel.
Unfortunately, Manuel gave us the easy answer when asked about his favorite city for travel. He named his hometown, Atlanta. Next season, I hope to avoid that answer by refining my questions a bit. With 4 years under my belt, I should be progressing enough to get better answers from my subjects.

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