Friday, December 10, 2010

Johngy in Print

In 2004, I learned that Louie's sister Barb was going to be inducted into the DePaul University Hall of Fame .  I approached our Managing Editor and pitched him the idea of a story on Barb.  Since Barb lived in our coverage area and since DePaul was one of the major universities in our coverage area, I thought it would be a good fit.  I also wanted to be the writer of the piece.
This was a hard sell (although it shouldn't have been).  One of the editors didn't see the news fit.  Another thought my interest was just because of Louie.  This is an example of the small brains in charge.
I finally persuaded them to let me write the piece.  Although I had written some guest columns, this was my first real news piece.  After interviewing Barb, Jean Ponsetto (DePaul AD) and Doug Bruno (former coach), I hunkered down and gave the story my best.  Then, I asked Laurie to edit it to help make it better.
Barb graduated from DePaul in 1984 as the school's all-time leading scorer.  She has since been passed (but, in my pettiness, I must point out that there is a 3 point shot now), but still ranks fifth.  Barb was also an outstanding softball player and has been very involved in the DePaul community over the years.
I was very happy with the way the article turned out.  I think I proved I could write a factual piece (in addition to humorous guest columns).  I am really proud of this.  I have not gone the path of my childhood dream of becoming a writer, but at least I have some great writing experiences and writing about Barb was one of them.

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