Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Chuck

Today's blog is dedicated to Chuck "Chachi" Gekas, who is celebrating his birthday.  Chuck and I share an interesting history.
While I was in DePaul, Chuck worked for the Chicago Sun-Times with my sister.  I saw him a few times, but didn't know him until about 10 years later when he joined Lerner Newspapers, where I was already employed.
Chuck has been like a brother to me.  He's part mentor, part cohort, but he is all friend.  He's seen me at my best and at my worst and he is always there for me.
Chuck is a genuine good guy.  Sure he is as petty as it gets.  His competitiveness is off the charts.  He'll toss out a "burn a calorie", "Clums" or "smallbrain" quicker than you can respond, but it is all done in fun.
I hope Chuck has a great day today.  I am sure he will be celebrating with his family.  Happy birthday, Chuck.  I wish you the best and I am happy and proud to count you as a friend.
Chuck Gekas and me in Lincolnwood, IL-Late 1990's.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy birthday to a friend from the past! Best wishes for a great day! ...