Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dan Cortese and Background Noise

A while back, one of my friends was a huge fan of Dan Cortese.  When she found out that he would be at a Cubs game, we had to go to see him.  This was a switch, as I was usually the one dragging people with me to see various celebrities.
Cortese has had a lengthy career, starting with his time on MTV.  Since then, he has appeared on my different tv shows, with his role as Tony the mimbo on Seinfeld being one of his most notable.
I love this picture of Cortese.  At first glance, it is a simple shot of Cortese signing autographs for fans at Wrigley Field.  I have learned many things from fellow bloggers and one thing is to look deeper into the picture.
First and foremost, Cortese is wearing a Cubs jersey.  You know what that means!  Yes, a Cortese Celebrity Jersey Card will be forthcoming at some point.
Next is the young woman standing next to Cortese.  Is she his "security"?  I am guessing she is an employee of the Cubs who was assigned to Cortese.  She looks completely disinterested.  She is also wearing a helmet, although I wonder if it is an official batting helmet or just one of those plastic replicas.  Why she would be wearing either is anyone's guess.
Finally, if you look closely over Cortese's left shoulder, you will see a member of the Cubs wearing uniform #36.  While I am not sure exactly when this picture was taken, I can narrow it down to a couple players.  Mike Morgan and Dave Swartzbaugh.
Morgan is my guess as he played much more than Swartzbaugh, who only was with the Cubs for short stints in April and September.  Since it appears to be a warm summer day, Swartzbaugh was probably in the minors at the time.
My friend was happy about seeing Cortese and I was happy to be at a Cubs game.  Years later, I am happy to be able to write about Cortese and everything else in this photo.
Dan Cortese in Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL-Mid 1990's.

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