Friday, February 11, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #39 Queen Latifah and Eva Longoria

Celebrity Rookie Cards is now Celebrity Jersey Cards.  The name fits better and pulls together my interest in celebrities and my love of trading cards.

Dana Owens was born in Newark (NJ) and grew up to be the Queen of hip-hop known as Queen Latifah.  She has stayed close to her Jersey roots and it is fitting that she is wearing a New Jersey Nets jersey for her appearance on Celebrity Jersey Cards.
In a bit of ABA symmetry, my next card features a desperate housewife in a San Antonio Spurs jersey.  Eva Longoria grew up in Texas, but her first Celebrity Jersey Card probably has more to do with her ex-husband Tony Parker who played for the Spurs.  Now that the marriage has ended, I wonder if we will still see her wearing the black and silver.

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