Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday JayHawk

Jason Fleigel (aka JayHawk Evans) started at Lerner Newspapers when he was a young pup.  He was a smart kid, with a smart mouth.  He also turned into a good friend along the way.
Whether he was tinkering with Lerner's dinosaur of a computer system or performing yeoman duty on the audits, Jason was always on the top of his game.  He never really got the credit he deserved at Lerner. His post-Lerner career has been much more lucrative.
Over the years, I have probably been hard on him a bit much, but hopefully he knows what I think of him.  JayHawk is a good guy and I am better for knowing him and I am not just talking about his pc expertise (although that certainly sweetens the pot).
Happy birthday JayHawk.  May your mayo jar be overflowing!
Jason Fleigel and me at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI-May 2009.

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