Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the Beat with Mike Bucci-Part 1

Mike Bucci started to wrestle professionally in the early 90's.  He wrestled in the WWE and ECW, along with many other smaller organizations.  While in ECW, Bucci was part of the wildly popular bWo (the Blue World Order).
Bucci was known for his many unique and creative moves.  He was called "the most imitated man in wrestling" and also the "InNOVAtor of offense" (the NOVA reference is a nod to one of his in-ring names).  It seems as if every time he created a new move, it was copied by some other wrestler, but Bucci would simply create another one.  He was always pushing forward.  His creativity and his athleticism made him the man to watch.
Bucci (like a lot of wrestlers) used several ring names (as you will hear in the video).  At one time or another he was Nova, Super Nova, Hollywood Nova, Simon Dean and of course, Mike Bucci.
I contacted Bucci when it was announced he would be at Wizard World.  Bucci very quickly and positively responded.  I was excited about meeting and talking to him, because he doesn't do many of these shows, especially out this way.
Today I am running the first part (of two parts) of JayHawk Evans interviewing Bucci.  Bucci talks about conventions and his wrestling career.  His thoughts on the current wrestling scene are insightful and interesting.


Zeke said...

Nova was awesome. Seems like s cool guy, too!

Cleveland Mike said...

Oh I long for the good old days of the real ECW. Nova ruled! The BWO ruled! Great memories. I met Bucci at a show once and he was super cool. Great interview.

Joe J. said...

I agree with Mike and Zeke. Nova ruled!

Lizzy R said...

My bf and I met the bWo at Wizard World, too. They were so nice. Mike is a real cutie.

Bruno Sammartino said...

Excellent interview JayHawk a.k.a Angry One. I'm looking forward to Part 2. I didn't realize how small Bucci is.