Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #71

This is a regular series which combines my passion for bubblegum cards with my interest in celebs.  Tomorrow, the Chicago Bears face the Green Bay Packers, renewing one of the oldest and great rivalries in sports.

Representing the green and gold is James Van Der Beek, an actor perhaps best known from tv's Dawon's Creek, a show filmed in North Carolina posing as a town in Massachusetts.  Adding to the geographical confusion is Van Der Beek's connection to Green Bay, since he was born in Connecticut.  At least there is a sports connection, as his father James VanderBeek pitched in the Dodgers organization in the 70's, compiling a record of 41-40.  Let's hope the Packers are equally mediocre tomorrow.

Representing the navy and orange is actor Bruce Willis, whose connection to the Bears is equally confusing.  Bruce's ex Demi Moore's current husband Ashton Kutcher is a Bears fan.  The trio has been seen together on the sidelines.  Don't ask me.  I just hope the Bears don't Die Hard (sorry).


Hackenbush said...

James kinda looks like he's modelling the jersey for a catalog. I'm finding it hard to be optimistic about the Bears tomorrow. Will Martz pick up the running game?

Johngy said...

That is exactly right. You nailed it!
Nice comparison .