Friday, October 7, 2011

On the Beat with Beth Horn of Fancypants

I have met Beth Horn several times and have interviewed her twice.  It was during those interviews when I first learned of Fancypants.  A movie about wrestling starring Beth and Roddy Piper?  Sounded great to me!
Beth plays Animal Babe, one of Leo the Blue Lion's opponents in the ring. Aside from her time on American Gladiators, this is Horn's biggest role and she does a great job.
In the video below, the first minute or so shows some of the frenzy of the red carpet.  It also has an appearance by Patrick Zielinski and Amy Hendricks two of her co-stars.
When Beth comes over, we asked her about the physical rigors of Fancypants as compared to American Gladiators.  We also got a bit of a scoop from her about a future project.  She said Joshua Russell was involved and she gave us the initials "OMG".
I really like Beth.  She's always good for an interview and even willing to give Johngy's Beat a scoop now and then!
After watching the video, please go to, and the Fancypants Facebook page to learn more about the interesting cast and crew and the movie itself.

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