Saturday, October 8, 2011

On the Beat with Daniel Hanson of Fancypants

Over the last four days, we have presented interviews with Patrick Gleason, Jackson Dunn, Joshua Russell and Beth Horn of Fancypants.  Another integral part of Fancypants was Producer Daniel Hanson.
Hanson is part of the trio (with Joshua Russell and Jim Andre) behind Humble Pie Films, a relatively new production company.  The company is dedicated to producing the highest quality films without having huge budgets.  They are passionate and patient enough to take the time to do things right.
A few days after the event, I contacted Daniel to get a little more info on Humble Pie Films.  He responded with the following:
We are growing at Humble Pie Films and plan to have 3 feature length projects set to go to pre-production next year. We have many good scripts in development and we get new stuff all the time. Chicago has a great film industry and many many talented people.
This is exciting news for Chicago talent and for Chicago itself.  I see great success in the future of Humble Pie Films and for all involved.
Daniel took a few moments to answer our questions at the recent premiere.  The first question was about the creation and development of Fancypants, but the actual question got cut off due to a recorder glitch.  Hanson's entire answer and all that follows was recorded properly.
After you watch the video below, please be sure to visit, and the Fancypants Facebook page.  You'll find a lot of interesting info there about the cast, crew and the movie.  Stay tuned tomorrow for our feature on Mike Carey.

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