Thursday, October 6, 2011

On the Beat with Joshua Russell of Fancypants

Over the last two days, I have featured interviews with Patrick Gleason and Jackson Dunn, who portrayed the two main characters in Fancypants.  They are really the heart and soul of this fine movie.
One of the creative forces behind Fancypants is Joshua Russell, Director and Screenwriter.  Joshua, Jim Andre and Daniel Hanson are the founders of Humble Pie Films, a Chicago-based film production company.  The goal of Humble Pie Films is to make high quality movies on a low budget.  They feel a great story is more important than the size of the budget.
It was wonderful to see Joshua enjoying the evening.  He worked long and hard for this day and it all went so well.  I am excited that I was there to share a little bit of it.
We talked to Joshua about the movie and what it could do for future indy films and for Chicago-based projects.  Of course, I also squeezed in a wrestling question.
Tomorrow we will feature Beth Horn.  Before that, but after watching the video below, please check out, and the Fancypants Facebook page to learn more about the story and the people behind it.  Also, check out my Global Traveler blog for more coverage of Fancypants.

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