Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the Beat with Jackson Dunn of Fancypants

Yesterday, I started my look at the new movie Fancypants by featuring an interview we did with Patrick Gleason at the premiere.  Gleason played Leo the Lion, a wrestler being pushed out of the spotlight who finds that he has one super big fan left, in the form of 8 year old Tommy.
Jackson Dunn is the Wilmette (IL) student who played Tommy and brilliantly captured the excitement of a youngster following and meeting his hero.  Making Jackson's performance even more impressive is the fact that it was his acting debut.
We got to talk to Jackson as he walked the red carpet at the premiere.  He admitted he wasn't much of a wrestling fan, but he did enjoy being around Roddy Piper.  We also talked about how he got the part and what he is doing now.
Jackson was great.  Right after my questions, someone yells for him to mimic the look he had in the movie poster.  Jackson obliged the request in good spirit.  It was all done in fun, but Jackson was such a good sport.  Extra points go to him for sporting red Chuck Taylors with his tux.
Tomorrow, we will feature Joshua Russell the Director and Screenwriter.  Until then, after you watch the video below, please check out, and the Fancypants Facebook page to learn more about the movie, cast and crew.

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