Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Autograph Tales:Kim McQuilken

I grew up with some Hall of Fame quarterbacks, but everyone knows about those guys.  That's why I am featuring the lesser known quarterbacks (otherwise known as the backup quarterback).  Today, Kim McQuilken gets the star treatment.
McQuilken spent seven seasons in the NFL, four with the Atlanta Falcons and three with the Washington Redskins.  He also played one season with the Washington Federals in the USFL.  McQuilken got most of his playing time in his first three seasons.
While he did not achieve stardom in pro football, McQuilken became an Executive Vice-President at the Cartoon Network.  Let's see Steve Bartkowski do that!
McQuilken signed an index card for me many years ago.  After leading the 1976 Falcons in passing attempts, I thought he stood a great shot at getting a card in the 1977 set, but Topps went with the more established Bartkowski and the veteran Scott Hunter.
I am sure most everyone remembers Bartkowski and Joe Theismann, two of the qb's whom McQuilken backed up.  Now I hope that you will also remember Kim McQuilken!

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