Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the Beat with Marc Price Again!

When we last talked to Marc Price, he was appearing at the Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis.  Marc invited us to his comedy show that night, but we couldn't make it.  He also mentioned he would be appearing at Riddles in Chicago (home base area for Johngy's Beat).  I have kept a watchful eye on the Riddles site and when I saw Marc's appearance set, I marked the date.
I had seen Marc do comedy in Las Vegas a few years ago and he was very funny, but last Friday he was hilarious.  The entire audience roared as Marc joked his way through family, dating and his career.  I don't remember one joke bombing.  He was simply in the zone...on fire...lights out.
After his set, we hooked up with Marc for an update from our last interview with him.  The video below covers a bit of his career along with his current projects, including co-Producing the Green Collar Comedy Show for Showtime..  He answered our questions and provided a few more laughs.
If you get a chance, check out Marc's Facebook page for info and updates on his scheduled appearances.  Check out Showtime's schedule for the Green Collar Comedy Show, too.  I am sure you will enjoy his work as much as I do.
It was great watching his act and then catching up with Marc.  What a great evening.  What a great guy.


Traci A said...

He's so cute. Great seeing him again!

Cleveland Mike said...

Skippy Rocks! It was very cool of him to give you another nterview.

Chuck Teeeeeeee! said...

Great interview. Price seems pretty down to earth and doesn't take himself too seriously like some other celebs.