Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the Beat with Icarus

Last week, we featured our interview with Harry Smith from the Black Friday event of Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Today, we are featuring our interview with Icarus, also from Black Friday.
Icarus was originally trained (with childhood friend and RPW wrestler Hallowicked) by Mike Quackenbush and Reckless Youth of Chikara.  He made his wrestling debut in May of 2002, as part of the Chikara promotion's first event.
Icarus has wrestled in a few organizations and continues to gain recognition for his performance.  He was named #220 on PWI's top 500 wrestlers in 2010.  Icarus lost his bout at Black Friday, but I think he will rebound and start to leave his mark on RPW.
At the after party, we talked to Icarus in the side room.  The lighting was horrible, but the interview itself was enlightening.  Once again, Johngy's Beat contributor Scott Beatty (of AU Sports) handled the interview.  They talked about about the origins of Icarus, as well as his goals past and present.
I really appreciate Icarus giving us his time and consideration for the interview.  I also appreciate RPW for allowing us the access.  After you watch the video interview below, check out and the Resistance Pro Facebook page.  Also, to learn more about Icarus, check out Icarus on Twitter.

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