Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Evening of Comedy with Rowdy Roddy Piper-Part 2

Yesterday, I gave you an intro and an idea of the atmosphere for Roddy Piper's Night of Comedy at the Days of the Dead Convention.  Today, I will expand on that and give you a short snippet of his actual act.
While Piper is funny (okay, he is downright hilarious at times), this isn't really a night of comedy.  It is more of a night of Piper telling funny wrestling stories as only he can tell them.  Some of his stories were in his book, but hearing them is a totally different experience.
He occasionally got off track when the audience shouts out names or events for more stories, but he always resumed the story to its humorous end.  Knowing him a little, I know he has a ton more of similar stories (and if he didn't, he could make up some and do just as well).
This isn't the type of act that would play well at a comedy club, unless he was pretty much the whole show.  It was very entertaining and a bit nostalgic as he relived some interesting stories from his wrestling years.
Below is one quick story of Piper wrestling Victor the Bear.  It's dark, but if you enlarge it, you will see Piper much better.

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