Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Beat with Eric St. Vaughn of Resistance Pro Wrestling

Today, I am featuring a member of the Resistance Pro Wrestling roster who has yet to compete in the squared circle, but appears to be headed for stardom.  According to Eric St. Vaughn, he is a "loyal and humble member of Team D'Arcy".
What exactly does that mean?  We asked that question to Mr. St. Vaughn and he answered it, along with giving us his thoughts on Team D'Arcy, who he'd like to face on the R Pro roster, who his wrestling influence is and other interesting things.
St. Vaughn is an interesting guy.  He reminds me of someone else, but just can't put my finger on it.  Not much else is known about St. Vaughn.  It's not just me either.  Nobody else seems to have the info on this future impact player at R Pro.
Hopefully, this interview is just the beginning of getting to know more about St. Vaughn.  I think he has a great future and we plan on being around to cover it.
After you watch the interview, be sure to check out the Eric St. Vaughn Facebook page.  As always, you can go to to learn more about Eric, Team D'Arcy and the rest of this talent at R Pro.

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