Friday, May 11, 2012

Stepping Out with Sassy Stephie

At the Resistance Pro Wrestling event in January, we interviewed Sassy Stephie.  The Sassy One has been in the women's title picture at R Pro right from the beginning.
Sassy Stephie is a talented, young wrestler.  She can be seen wrestling all over, especially in the midwest.  She is working very hard to improve her skills and get as much ring work as possible.
Aside from actually wrestling, Stephie has done some video work of her own.  Her "Stepping Out" segments, along with other cool Stephie stuff, can be found on her YouTube channel.  Stephie has a lot of charisma and should go far in wrestling (or pretty much whatever business she chooses).
She is scheduled for the next R Pro event tonight.  Johngy's Beat will be there in full force.  Hopefully, we will get an update from her.
To learn more about Stephie, be sure to check out, follow her on twitter and check out Stephie's Facebook page.  Also, go to to learn all about the talented wrestlers of R Pro.
Sassy Stephie and me in Chicago, January 2012.

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