Monday, June 11, 2012

Friendly Encounters:Aniviel Meets Harry Smith at Resistance Pro Wrestling

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.

One of the greatest parts of covering Resistance Pro Wrestling has been meeting all of the wonderful people.  It really is like one big family and I am happy to be a small part of it (kind of like the odd cousin).
One of the cool people I have met is known as Aniviel.   She does marketing and sponsorship for R Pro and she is a contributor for
From her bio on, I learned that she loves music.  I mean LOVES music.  I also learned other things there, too.  She calls herself a girl computer geek, having written and done many other things online.
She also licks rockstars and wrestlers.  All I know about that is that she says it is a gimmick to go with her column at  (I have to find out how that got started, but that's for another time).  Of course, she is also firmly entrenched and staunchly behind the R Pro team and can usually be seen at R Pro events.  
I knew Aniviel would have some great pictures and stories and I asked her to share some (and that was before I knew about the licking gimmick).  She was kind enough to send several pictures (which I will be featuring here periodically in the future).
The first one I will show is of her and her friend meeting R Pro Heavyweight champ Harry Smith.  Smith will be defending his title at Taken By Force on June 15 at Excalibur.  This promises to be a great show, especially in the aftermath of the title match at A Small Deadly Space, R Pro's last event, where Smith aligned with Raven.
Aniviel pointed out that she is not licking Smith in the photo, because he is too tall.  I have to think Smith did not know that or else he surely would have scrunched down a bit.
I seriously want to thank Aniviel for sharing this picture (and the future ones, too) with us.  Please be sure to check out for more info on this great wrestling group.  Also, head over to for great music info, especially Aniviel's contributions.
Aniviel (left) and her friend meet Harry Smith in Chicago, IL-Early 2012.

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