Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On the Beat with Jordan Trovillion at the 2012 MCCC

Jordan Trovillion's twitter page states that she is "a nerdy girl with a great look reaching for the top".  On her Model Mayhem page, she states, "I have discovered what I am worth as not just another pretty face, but an expressive, nuanced, and dedicated model".  On her band's website, her bio lists her hobby as "melting the hearts of all with a single wink of an eye".  Those three statements sold me and I knew I had to talk to her at the 2012 Motor City Comic Con.
When we approached her booth, we saw a sign that read "it's okay to ask who I am". I have never seen this at a celebrity convention.  It was totally cool and definitely unique and it did bring over a few new fans.
Jordan is a young actor, model and singer.  She is also the host of Comics Continuum, a comic book news tv show.  It airs on MyTV20 in the Detroit area. 
Did I mention that she also is in a party band called The Party, which covers top 40 songs from the 80's and 90's and promises to "rock your socks off and make you dance"?  I have seen some of the video clips and the band is quite good and very fun.
Hailing from the Detroit area, she is definitely a young star on the rise.  I was so impressed with her combination of maturity, enthusiasm and overall attitude.  She is confident, without being arrogant.  She is humble, yet dynamic.
She joked about having her friends see her at conventions.  How cool would that be and how cool of Jordan to joke about it!
I walked away wanting to know more about Jordan Trovillion.  She is that engaging and inviting.  Hopefully, this will only be the first time we interview Jordan.  I know I will be looking forward to seeing her at future conventions and in future tv or film projects.  I predict we will all be seeing a lot more of Jordan in the future.
After you watch the interview, be sure to go to the Jordan Trovillion Facebook page and follow Jordan on twitter to learn more about her and to get updates.  Also, check out her projects ComicsConinuum.com and the Comics Continuum Facebook page  and also thePartyRocks.com for info on her band.

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