Saturday, September 22, 2012

Celebrity Jersey Cards #115 Davy Jones & David Cassidy

This is a regular feature which attempts to combine my lifelong appreciation for sports trading cards with my interest in celebrities. Today I am saluting two musicians of my youth, who too often were unfairly criticized by the critics.

I proudly admit I was a fan of the Monkees and still am. They might not have formed in the traditional way, but they jelled into an excellent band.  Their songs were often written by somne of the industry's best writers and later by themselves.  They had a ton of hits.  Davy Jones was their first breakout star and heartthrob, but all eventually had success in and out of the Monkees.  Davy gets extra points for having Steve Torrealba on his Celebrity Jersey Card.  Torrealba played in 15 games for the Braves in the early 2000's.

David Cassidy was the lead singer on another "Hollywood" band, the Partridge Family.  The tv show was hokey, but showcased Cassidy well.  Cassidy had huge success back then.  More recently, he has resurfaced in Las Vegas, musicals and elsewhere.  While never a fan of The Partridge Family as a band, I do like the vocal stylings of Cassidy.  I am not sure if the #40 he is sporting on his Celebrity Jersey Card is for his 40th birthday, but I am going to credit it to John Johnstone, an original member of the Marlins.

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