Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the Beat with Jake Rueth at Wizard World 2012

I have seen Jake Rueth at various conventions over the years, but I finally got a chance to interview him at Wizard World 2012.  Again, this was a case of landing one right in my backyard!
Jake is a talented artist, with a unique style.  The phrase "unique style" is often overused, but in Jake's case it is very fitting.  Even Jake's story of his origins in art is unique.  I can write all about it, but it is more fun if you just watch our interview.
Jake's creations are colorful and simple, yet complicated (more of that uniqueness).  Perhaps most important, they are cool.  I think they are fun and beautiful all wrapped up in whimsy.
His style might be hard for me to explain, but you can see for yourself by going to

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