Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the Beat with Jay Brant at Wizard World 2012

I have written about and interviewed Jay Brant several times, but I never miss the chance to talk to him and check out his booth at conventions.  This year's Wizard World was no different.  As I have documented previously, Brant's work with super heroes, specifically Aquaman, caught my eyes several years ago and I have checked with him at every convention since.
Jay's work is unique in that he draws heads.  Sure, some of his illustrations feature other small elements, but heads are the main focus.
In our interview, we got an update from Jay on his latest work.  We also talked about some of the challenges he has faced in drawing heads.
After you watch the interview, head (no pun intended) over to HeadsUpStudios.com to see more of Jay's work and to learn all about him.

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