Thursday, September 20, 2012

On the Beat with RAK at Wizard World 2012

RAK is another talented artist, whom I have covered several times in the past.  His booth at conventions is another '"can't miss" for me.
RAK (or Robert A. Kraus) is the creative genius behind Superfreeks, a collection of familiar cultural icons, drawn in an unfamiliar way.  Superfreeks include super heroes (Yes, he has an Aquaman), tv stars, musicians, athletes, wrestlers and more.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have a Johngy Superfreek, but maybe someday...
His work is not limited to just Superfreeks, but I believe they are the star attractions.  He does other beautiful illustrations, as well as commissions.
In the interview below, we get an update from RAK on his newest projects, as well as a little glimpse at some of his creations.  After you watch our interview, check out to learn all about RAK and his Superfreeks).

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