Friday, October 12, 2012

Celebrity Jersey Cards #118 Velvet Sky & Lilian Garcia

This is a regular series in which I try to combine my interest in celebrities with my lifelong passion for bubblegum trading cards.  Today I am trying to cheer up from two football games which cost me in a football pool.  I picked the "over" and should have won both, but things went awry in the end.

I haven't really liked the Patriots ever.  I liked them even less last week when they beat Denver and failed to score enough to carry me to the over.  Therefore, I need something to help me get over my New England Nausea.  I submit for your approval Velvet Sky (aka Jamie Szantyr), one of the rising young female pro wrestlers.  Tom Brady's #12 never looked better.  I am feeling a bit better myself.
On Monday night, the New York Jets played just good (or bad) enough to lose and keep the total score 2 points below what I needed.  Again, I have never had much love for the Jets and this season, last Monday in particular, is no different.  Perhaps I need to view #6 in a different light.  Lilian Garcia is the key.  Garcia is a singer and ring announcr for the WWE.  She gets extra points for wearing the full uni (or do I subtract points for her being over dressed?).  I feel much better now.  Much like Brady, Mark Sanchez's #6 never looked better.

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