Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the Beat with Professor Kliq at Excalibur was in attendance at Excalibur for a night of Resistance Pro Wrestling action, when Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker spotted Professor Kliq in the crowd.  Knowing that Prof. Kliq is one of the collest musicians on the Chicago scene, Matt jumped on the opportunity to interview him.
The pair discussed some of Kliq's projects (both past and present).  They also talked a bit about wrestling, but mostly stayed on the music topic.
Professor Kliq is one cool cat and definitely a force in Chicago music.  We are proud to call him a friend of
Check out the interview below, then check out for more info and all of his updates.  Most importantly, you can check out Professor Kliq in person every second Saturday of the Month...and that means this the Elbo Room in Chicago.

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