Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On the Beat at POWW Wrestling Entertainment

Matt and I spent Saturday evening covering POWW Entertainment's Wrestle Rage X.  This is POWW's big event of the year and it kicked butt.  Pretty much any match could have been main event material.
I wrote about this night for the Patch at Out"rage"ous Wrestling Fun and for Wrestling Figs at POWW 11/10 Report.  I have been telling people since then about how good the show was.  Now I am sharing it with my audience.
There were four title matches and the title changed hands in two of them.  There was a "Chicago Street Fight" and an 8 man match.  Five wrestling legends, including Chavo Guerrero, Val Venis, Hardcore Bob Holly, Billy Gunn and Armando Estrada competed for the newly created POWW Superstar title.
After the matches, we chatted a bit with some of the POWW roster, including Threat Level Black (Mikey Wild and CJ Idol), Stonewall, Vinnie Riot, Warden Ortiz and Brawn the Lumberjack.  We even talked a bit to Sexy KC (but only to introduce him to Matt).  Every wrestler looked drained, but charged from putting on such a show in front of a huge crowd.
Applause goes to every performer, staffer and fan for making Wrestle Rage X one of the best shows I have seen all year.
After the night of matches, we got the first interview with Commissioner Bob Parrella.  The former ref talked about his career and his future plans for POWW.  We have been after Parrella for some time and to catch him on his big night was great!
We also had the pleasure of interviewing Louis Tufano, POWW's ring announcer.  Louis talked to us about his start at POWW, his action figure collection and more.  Louis is a class act and we wanted to talk longer, however the noise level due to the excited crowd forced us to keep it short.  We would love to revisit Louis and talk more about his career and his collection.
Finally, we would like to thank Jimmy Blaze, the main man at POWW.  Six months ago, I walked into POWW for the first time and Jimmy has been very accommodating ever since.  It has been a pleasure covering POWW and attending POWW events.  I encourage everyone to check them out at  Despite the cash exchanging hands n the picture below, this is an unpaid endorsement.  Quite simply, we just love the product.
Jim Blaze and me at Wrestle Rage X in Melrose Park, IL-November 2012.

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