Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the Beat with Sarah French and Joe Knetter at Flashback Weekend

Flashback Weekend is a great convention in the Chicago area.  It is well-run, very organized and the celebrities are usually very accommodating.  Among others, last year I interviewed Sarah French, a talented young actress.
This year, Mike (one of the organizers and a great guy) invited me back to cover the event again.  Since Sarah was scheduled, she was my first target, but I also wanted to correct one of my flubs from last year.
I don't know how, but somehow I failed to lock in Joe Knetter (writer, actor and more).  Making it even more confusing is that he is with Sarah!  How did I not get Joe?  Anyway, this year I was hoping for the two-fer and I got it.
Together or separate, these two are great.  They are multi-talented and gaining more success and exposure.  Besides all of that, they are really fun and they treat me well.  They are definitely two of my favorites.  They are working on a bunch of projects (together and separately), including Hallow Pointe, a movie to be released in 2012.
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