Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dave

Today my brother-in-law Dave is celebrating a birthday and I want to celebrate it here, too.  I think he is turning...well statistically speaking, he would check the 51-55 box.
I have had a lot of fun with Dave over the years, although he might question how "fun" some of that "fun" was.  Still, he is always a good sport, even when his head looked like a big, red tomato one day on our Ozarks trip.
We had a little fun with Dave on our Iowa trip a few months ago.  As you will see in the pictures below, we all sported Iowa gear..all except Dave.  Dave had a plan, though.  He was not going home empty-handed.
While the rest of us were enjoying pizza and garlic bread, Dave was brokering a deal across the restaurant.  All of a sudden, Dave returned to our table all smiles and wearing an Iowa shirt.  Across the bar, some guy was now wearing Dave's RedEye shirt.  I'd prefer not to know exactly what happened, but I must give Dave his due credit.  He got his shirt in his unique way and he joined the Iowa brigade.
I know he wears that Iowaq shirt very proudly.  The question is, would he wear a JohngysBeat.com shirt just as proudly?  Stay tuned.
But for now, Happy Birthday Dave!
 Jean, Erin, Matt, Sam and Kyle at the University of Iowa-September 2012.
 Nancy, me and Jean at the University of Iowa-September 2012.
Dave at a campus bar on the University of Iowa-September 2012.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Dave. John you are right we probably don't want to know how the trade took place.


Jean Parker said...

Definitely a story we will never forget! Dave, hope you had a good birthday!