Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kelli Maroney LIKES Arch News Agency

Actress Kelli Maroney was one of my teenage celebrity crushes.  I first saw Kelli on tv's Ryan's Hope.  Years later, she was on One Life to Live, playing Tina (coincidentally the role originated by Andrea Evans, another of my teenage crushes).  She has appeared in many films, including Fast Times at Ridgemont High,  Night of the Comet and Not of this Earth (with Traci Lords),
Last year at Flashback Weekend, I had the real pleasure of interviewing Kelli.  You can see that interview at On the Beat with Kelli Maroney.  It is always extra special interviewing longtime favorites and it did not get much cooler than talking to Kelli.  It was also great to see that she is so incredibly sweet.
How incredibly sweet is Kelli?
I recently started a Facebook page for Arch News Agency, the company I own and run with Louie.  I sent notification messages to all of my contacts.  The "Likes" number started to climb.
Then, late last night I saw an interesting new "Like".
There she is...Kelli Maroney.  Kelli Maroney, a favorite of mine for so long, "Likes" Arch News Agency.  It is a little surreal.  It is pretty darn cool.  As I wrote, Kelli is very sweet.
You already know Kelli Maroney likes Arch News Agency.  To learn more about Kelli, check out Kelli Maroney on Facebook.

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