Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the Beat with Brian Steward at Days of the Dead

While checking out the artists at Days of the Dead in Chicago, I came across Brian Steward.  While checking out Steward's body of work, I came across Giada.  Then I stopped.  This guy who did all sorts of odd, horror and zombie stuff, had a cool drawing of Giada!
I talked to Brian at Days about his work and how the Giada piece came to be.  I liked his answer and could not argue against it.  After the interview, he gave me Giada.  (pausing for effect...he gave me Giada...what a nice thought that is...).  Actually, he gave me a print of his Giada drawing.  This was still extremely cool (although I have to admit that giving me Giada would have been cooler).
I'm sorry, somehow I have made this piece about Giada, when it should be about this talented artist, Brian Steward.  All I can say is that he started it.
Anyway, focusing on Steward, as I wrote, he is very talented.  On his site, you can see images of a lot of his work.  There are a lot of great horror-related works, but there are also a handful of other cool drawings, like the Giada.  It all comes back to Giada, doesn't it?
I really appreciate Steward talking to us and I especially appreciate his gift of the Giada print.  I have had a little fun here with Giada (ohh fun with Giada), but I really do like Steward's work.  I look forward to seeing him again at future conventions and I promise to cover more topics.
Until then, check out to see all of his awesome masterpieces!

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Thanks Johngy, you managed to make me seem fascinating! Ha ha!