Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On the Beat with Joseph Spencer at Days of the Dead

I love discovering new authors.  While Joseph Spencer has done plenty of writing over the years, he is indeed a new author, as Grim, his debut novel, was just recently released.
The Southern Illinois University grad covered some exciting events, such as the NBA draft and a Midwest League All-Star game, it is Grim that has him and readers really excited.  I will let Spencer describe Grim in the interview below, but I have talked to some who have read it and the reviews are great.  I keep hearing that it is very gory, very thrilling and very interesting.  I like the sound of that combination.  As I stated in the interview, I bought a copy and look forward to reading it.
I am excited about the mini-scoop Spencer gives about his next novel.  I really look forward to Grim and to following Spencer's books as his career develops.
To learn more about him and Grim, check out!

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