Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the Beat with Undead Johnny at Days of the Dead 2012

I first met Undead Johnny when I wrote about him in Horror Fun Coming Soon for the Skokie Patch.  Undead Johnny (or his alter ego Chad Byers) performs out of the Wilmette Theater with a whole cast of characters.  At Days of the Dead, I caught up with Johnny and met several of those characters.
Undead Johnny is the host of the World of Weird Monster Show, which has been airing on cable television for over seven years in the Chicago area.  It can also be seen on MonsterChannel.tv, the first 24 hour interactive horror movie internet channel.  On the second Friday of every month, the WOW Monster Show presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show featuring a live cast (some of which appear in the video below).
If it all sounds like a lot, it is because it is a lot.  Undead Johnny and the gast are always busy performing in one way or another.  There is a lot of fun to be had via the internet, cable tv or live theater.
In the interview below, Undead Johnny talks about all of this and more.  Also, the Undead One and the rest give us their favorite horror movie picks.
For more info on Undead Johnny, check out WowMonsterShow.com, their YouTube channel or MonsterChannel.tv.
Did you notice, I made it through this whole post without trying to make an Undead Johngy joke?

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